Bible Storytelling Update

We are excited to announce the grant for Bible Storytelling with Stable on the Strand has been extended to the end of 2016!!! This means we can continue to offer the Bible Storytelling workshops at a greatly reduced cost.

We thought we would change things up a bit this year and offer to run the workshops at your place – in your church, home, school … wherever you are. Our team can customise the course to suit your needs. All we need is a total of 20-24 hours in 2+ hour blocks.

Some ideas of how to utilise this offer:

    Home Group or Bible Study
    Personal Development at your workplace
    Training in schools and colleges
    Training for Chaplains & RE Groups
    Religious Education Classes
    Drama Classes
    Community Service Program – attend the workshop, learn a story, volunteer at Stable

Cost is $15 per person for all sessions, but please do not let cost prevent you from going ahead. If you are interested, call Belinda on 0411 756 273 or email

Why not organise a workshop at your place!

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