From our President | 1 September 2017

Recently I read these words: The Resurrection of Jesus is not a joy given with an eyedropper, but a cascade, a waterfall that fills our whole life [Pope Francis]. It reminded me once again of the extraordinary extravagance of God’s love and hospitality towards our human family despite all our faults, failings and sinfulness so evident in our world today. But it also jolted me into a renewed awareness that without the Stable, the Cross with all its suffering and its triumph could not have happened. What a deep and mind-boggling mystery is the Incarnation of our God first made manifest in that tiny baby in the Bethlehem stable! Our challenge then is to look at the way we live this mystery in our own lives. So I ask myself: How is my life, my manner, my way of being here in my place a continuation of that original incarnation event – the showing forth of God to our world? I believe that the more authentically each one of our lives manifests God in Christ to the world, the more impactful will be our Stable 2017.

Sr Helen Mary Peters

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