WHAT >> Stable on the Strand honours its volunteers during National Volunteers Week 18-24 May

WHEN >> A banner that thanks our volunteers will be displayed from today

WHERE >> Strand Park (near the basketball court)

Stable on the Strand will today be displaying a banner that honours and thanks our many thousands of volunteers who have voluntarily given their time and energy since 2002 to ensure that the annual Christmas event has become iconic to Townsville and North Queensland.

Anne Harley (President) said, “I am so grateful to the many men, women, boys and girls who have voluntarily offered their time and talent to sing, dance, act, story tell, offer hospitality, pick up rubbish and generally participate in organising this much-loved Townsville event”

You are invited to join us for a photo, film or interview opportunity by arrangement!

For many North Queenslanders, Stable on the Strand has become a way to celebrate Christmas each year. It’s a family tradition! It’s a place to feel the love, joy, peace and hope of Christmas.

More info: Rev Anne Harley: Ph 0413 527 651

Richard Hosking: Ph 0407 231 690