Photo Gallery: Today’s Media Launch


“The Tradition Continues …”

Each year just prior to Stable we organise a Media Launch which helps with Marketing Stable. As we were preparing for this year we realised there is now a generation of children in Townsville who have grown up understanding there is more to Christmas than Santa Clause, and for whom attending Stable on the Strand is now part of their family tradition.

To help with the Media Launch we invited 2 families who have over the past 12 years played the parts of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus to join with a family (in costume) who will be participating in these roles at the 2014 event. The participants at the photo shoot were:

  • Des, Kara & Maddison (12) Moseley
  • Brad, Melissa & Isaac (6) Davies
  • Sunil, Laveena & Sianma (baby) Pinto

Mayor Jenny Hill was also there to share the Townsville City Council’s vision for Stable.

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