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Care for Creation

Townsville Catholic Education recognises the care for the environment as a sacred duty. Through the priority of sustainability, students develop knowledge, skills, values and worldviews necessary to contribute to more sustainable patterns of living.

Schools in our Diocese undertake a range of sustainable activities which promote best practice to our schools and wider community. These include infrastructure initiatives such as the use of solar power, water monitoring devices and sustainable air-conditioning systems. Hands on activities such as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen gardens, paper and cardboard recycling and hydroponic gardens are also at the forefront. Schools also participate in community initiatives such as Reef Guardian schools, Clean Up Australia Day, National Tree Day and World Environment Day.

Our students are encouraged to grow in wonder and appreciation of God’s creation, and together, journey toward living more sustainably as good stewards of God’s gifts to us.

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Christian Mediation – a dynamic journey

Catholic Identity is at the heart of Catholic education. It is perhaps our biggest point of difference as a school system. We want our schools at their very core to be places where the values that Jesus taught are known and practiced.

Prayer, such as Christian mediation, is an important aspect of the Catholic school experience for our students. It is one of the most significant developments in the world as many children are embracing this form of prayer. Students in our Catholic schools don’t just learn about contemplative prayer, they experience it and do it regularly so that it becomes almost second nature to them.

Students are given the skills to live spiritually in a world of constant change and motion through regular meditation.

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