Weekly Prayer Meetings

Thursdays 30 November & 7 December
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
City Reach Church
441 Woolcock St, Garbutt

Stable 2017 Prayer Celebration

Friday 15 December 2017
7.30pm – 8.30pm
Strand Park

Prayer Wall @ Stable

Monday 18 – Friday 22 December
Town of Bethlehem

Write a prayer and place on the payer wall. Receive a Christmas Blessing from the pastors & clergy of the Churches of Townsville.

Intercessory Prayers

We pray for Stable on the Strand – may it draw many in our community back to the practice of their faith. Lord hear us.

We pray for all those who plan and manage Stable on the Strand – bless their efforts and give them the gifts of patience, perseverance and peace of heart. Lord hear us.

We pray for all those who sponsor and support Stable on the Strand through financial and in-kind donations – may they be blessed for their generosity, and may many other members of our community be inspired to lend their support. Lord hear us.

We pray for all those who volunteer their services so that Stable on the Strand can take place each year- may they be kept safe and may all their efforts be richly rewarded. Lord hear us.

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