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Stable on the Strand Sponsorship

Be part of the Stable Team!

Increase your brand visibility through …
✓  Category exclusivity
✓  Naming rights to an aspect of Stable
✓  Onsite Signage
✓  Logo placement
✓  Digital benefits
Sponsorship Levels including GST:
Major     $55,000
Platinum     $16,500
Gold & Media     $11,000
Palladium     $7,150
Silver     $3,850
Bronze     $550

Click to download the Stable 2018 Sponsorship Proposal
Click to download the Stable 2018 Sponsorship Form
If you would like to sponsor Stable on the Strand or require further information
please contact Belinda on 0411 756 273 or email admin@nullstableonthestrand.com.au.

Together we …
BUILD the Townsville Community through investment in our city and region
DEVELOP relationships with 50+ like-minded businesses
CONNECT with 40000+ guests at the event
GIVE a gift to our city at Christmas (entry & all activities are free)
ENGAGE families and children in the wonder & awe of the Christmas Story
JOIN with 60+ congregations of the Combined Churches in unity
ENCOURAGE 1000+ volunteers

Combined Churches
Stable on the Strand is the gift given to the region by Townsville’s Combined Churches.

Many churches in Townsville, from the largest Cathedral to the smallest Home Church, support Stable on the Strand each year with prayer, finance and by sending volunteers – to bring the Gospel message of God’s Love to this city.

Townsville Christian Churches


Townsville City Council

“The Stable carries a message of important Christmas values and provides the festive season in Townsville with a special focus for all of the community.”
“The Combined Churches of Townsville do a wonderful job and have developed Stable on the Strand into a much anticipated part of Christmas in the city.”
Cr Jenny Hill


Townsville City Council is proud to support Stable on the Strand under the Community Grants Program.

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