Stable 2015 Volunteer Opportunities

Stable on the Strand could use your help from now to December 2015.

Do you have some time to assist in the following areas?

The time involved will vary from week to week and role to role ā€“ in the vicinity of 2-10 hours per week.

  • Administration Assistant – either for the whole event or on one of the teams (e.g. Town of Bethlehem, Festival & Stages, Stable on Palm)
  • 2IC for Prayer Team
  • Team Leader or 2IC for Hospitality
  • Team Leader or 2IC for Volunteers
  • Press Release Writer
  • Promo Video Production
  • Stocktake and organisation of Signs & Banners
  • Website Development
  • Sponsorship
  • Grant Writing

We can tailor the roles to suit expertise and time available.

Come and join the Stable team!
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