Stable 2018 Top 10 Activities

Top 10 Stable on the Strand

  1. Explore the Town of Bethlehem. Meet all the Christmas story characters. Visit Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus. Pat the animals.
  2. Dine in style at Strand Park Food Fair – a fundraiser for Stable on the Strand.
  3. Make sure you see The Greatest Story Ever Told performed by One Life, every night at 7.30pm.
  4. Watch Colin Buchanan – Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 – 6.30pm and 8.30pm.
  5. Listen to fabulous local artists and sing carols every night at the Mater Health Services NQ Stage.
  6. Enjoy a free ride on the Townsville Catholic Education Carousel.
  7. Drop in for a free cup of tea or coffee and piece of Christmas Cake at the Stable Hospitality Tent.
  8. Relax while you listen to laid back entertainment at the Stable Beach Theatre, every night 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
  9. Youth: Check out the Stable Youth Hub – giant scavenger hunt plus heaps more exciting ways to get involved.
  10. Kids: Enjoy the Festival Activities– free face painting, try circus skills, meet the Big Heads, make some craft at the Perc Tucker Christmas Art Studio.

TOP 10 Kids Activities inside Town of Bethlehem

  1. Visit Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus
  2. Pat all the Animals – camels, sheep, donkey, chickens
  3. Dress up as a Roman Soldier
  4. Join the Shepherds’ Walk and hear the Christmas story (dress-ups)
  5. Make & eat some bread with the Baker
  6. Do some hammering in Caleb’s Carpenter’s Shop
  7. Dress-up as the Innkeeper’s family
  8. Punch out your name tag at Levi’s Leatherworks
  9. Play with clay at the Potter’s Place
  10. Write a prayer and place on the Prayer Wall

TOP 10 for Youth at Stable on the Strand

  1. Check in at the Stable Youth Hub
  2. Join in the Scavenger Hunt – win prizes!
  3. Get creative in the Town of Bethlehem with Henna Body Art and Tie Dyeing
  4. Play some Basketball
  5. Build your own Candi Nativity Scene
  6. Take your group photo at the Photo Booth in the Town of Bethlehem
  7. Eat ice cream at The Dessert Bar
  8. Get involved in our Random Acts of Kindness game
  9. Dance in the Wedding Scene Celebrations
  10. Play giant Jenga