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North Queensland Christmas Festival

We invite you to experience the Christmas Story of the birth of Jesus and discover the true meaning of Christmas.
18 – 22 December 2019   |   5.30pm – 9.30pm
Strand Park Townsville

Entry and all entertainment and activities FREE!

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TOP 10 Activities
at Stable on the Strand

  1. Town of Bethlehem  – see the Shepherds with their sheep, the Wise Men and their camels, King Herod and his soldiers and of course Mary, Joseph & a real live baby Jesus……also new in Bethlehem in 2019
    – Circus Maximus
    – Bethlehem puppet Theatre
  2. Boutique Christmas Markets (in front of the Picnic Bay Lifesavers Club) 5 – 9.30pm
  3. Mater Private Hospital Townsville Stage  featuring Tony Dee & a wealth of local talent 5.30pm to 9.30pm
  4. Beach Stage 6.30 – 9.30 each night  featuring Islander & Indigenous dancing & singing
  5. Strand Park Food Fair: featuring Six hot food stalls – Sea of Galilee Seafood, Bethlehem Burgers, Roman Roasts, Pete’s Pizza, The Polynesian Hut and International Cuisine; and Two dessert stalls – Greek Honey Puffs, The Dessert Bar. Supported by Mater Private Hospital Townsville Drinks & Zarraffa’s Coffee Townsville
  6. Free Rides on the Catholic Education Carousel
  7. Annandale Christian College Art Exhibition – the artworks of students in the Galleria in the town of Bethlehem
  8. Preview night – an invitation for the elderly and disabled to enjoy a ‘crowd free’ night
  9. Free tea, coffee, cold water in the Hospitality Tent
  10. HAVE FUN!

TOP 10 Kids Activities
inside Town of Bethlehem

  1. Visit Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus
  2. Pat all the Animals – camels, sheep, donkey, chickens
  3. Dress up as a Roman Soldier
  4. Join the Shepherds’ Walk and hear the Christmas story (dress-ups)
  5. Make & eat some bread with the Baker
  6. Do some hammering in Caleb’s Carpenter’s Shop
  7. Dress-up as the Innkeeper’s family
  8. Punch out your name tag at Levi’s Leatherworks
  9. Play with clay at the Potter’s Place
  10. Write a prayer and place on the Prayer Wall

Mater Private Hospital Townsville Stage Program

The Beach Stage Program

The Market Music Stage Program

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