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Story the Bible Workshops

Story the Bible Workshops train participants to craft a Bible story presentation from a Bible passage that is simple, accurate and memorable, and then prepare to share the story with someone else.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

CAIRNS | Full Workshop
Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 November 2018
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MAREEBA | Full Workshop
Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 November 2018
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TOWNSVILLE | Full Workshop
Thursday 29 November to Sunday 2 December 2018
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TOWNSVILLE | Learn a Bible Story 1
Wednesday 28 November 2018
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TOWNSVILLE | Learn a Bible Story 2
Thursday 29 November 2018
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Further Opportunities

In addition to the workshop dates listed above the Townsville Storytelling Team is available to run the Story the Bible Workshop at your place – in your church, home, school … wherever you are!
Our team can customise the course to suit your needs.
All we need is a total of 20-24 hours in 2+ hour blocks.
Some ideas of how to utilise this offer: Home Group or Bible Study, Personal Development at your workplace, Training in schools and colleges, Training for Leaders, Religious Education or Drama Classes.
Why not organise a workshop at your place!

What is taught at the Story the Bible Workshops?

In the workshop attendees learn five skills of a good Bible Storyteller. How to:
1. Craft stories that present the Biblical content in an interesting way
2. Revise and polish the stories to ensure they are simple to tell, accurate to Scripture and easy to remember
3. Tell your stories in a way that grips your audience, with facial expressions and body language reinforcing the words
4. Teach the Bible stories to others, that they may tell and teach them too and the Word of God may spread around the world
5. Lead a study on the Bible story that challenges the hearers to apply the truths of Scripture to their own lives.

What are the Benefits of the Story the Bible Workshop?

We have found the workshop series provides:
1. A framework for people to read more of their Bible or to start reading their Bible again
2. Renewed excitement for the Word as people dig deeper into the stories to craft a story they can remember and re-tell
3. A prompt to think about how to share the Gospel
4. Tools to share the Bible and Gospel in a non-confronting way
5. Support and confidence to learn and share Bible stories