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Strand Park Food Fair

Monday 17 December 2018
4.30pm – 8pm (reduced menu)

Tuesday 18 – Saturday 22 December 2018
5.00pm – 9.30pm

Five hot food stalls – Pete’s Pizza, International Cuisine, Sea of Galilee Seafood, Bethlehem Burgers, Roman Roasts; and 2 dessert stalls – Greek Honey Puffs, the Dessert Bar.

We will be selling sumptuous meals like Calamari & Chips, Sweet Potato Loaded Fries, Steak Burgers, Chicken Kebabs, Lamb Yiros & Pork Rolls with Gravy. Finish off with Greek Honey Puffs & Frost Mango home-made ice cream!

Menu and prices due out October 2018.

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