Town of Bethlehem

Town of Bethlehem

Monday 18 – Friday 22 December
5.30pm – 9.30pm

Visit the traditional Town of Bethlehem and meet all the Christmas Story characters – Wise Men, Shepherds, Roman Soldiers, and Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus.

Experience the drama and activity of the Town Square. Performances of “The Christmas Story” & “A Wedding in Bethlehem” in the Town Square every half hour from 6pm.

Visit & pat the animals in Bethlehem – Camels, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Donkey.

1.   Roman Soldiers

Join the Roman Soldiers on a tour of duty (children’s dress-ups).

2.   Galleria

Reflect on the artworks of Pat Lowth.

3.   Herod’s Palace

Visit Herod, King of the region.

4.   Beggars Alley

Make a donation to those in need by helping one of our town’s “beggar”” children. All money collected in Beggars Alley goes to the Salvation Army Townsville Recovery Centre and Food Relief NQ.

5.   Camels

Look for the three Wise Men and say hello.

6.   Shepherds

Join the Shepherds’ Walk and hear The Christmas Story unfold as they walk the streets of Bethlehem (children’s dress-ups).

7.   The Well

Meet the woman at the well.

8.   Bread of Life Bakery

Eat some fresh bread at the Bakery.

9.   Olive Leaf Café

Drop in for a free cuppa and a free slice of Christmas Cake.

10.   Wedding House

Join the celebrations at a Bethlehem Wedding.

11.   Town Square

Experience the drama and activity of the Town Square. Performances of “The Shepherds Story” & “A Wedding in Bethlehem” every half hour from 6pm.

12.   Marketplace

Stroll through the Bethlehem Markets and:

  • Write your name in the Census
  • Try the Wool Weaving
  • Play with clay at the Potter’s stand
  • Weave a basket
  • Haggle with the fabric seller
  • Catch a magnetic fish
  • Pin the tail on the Donkey
13.   Levi’s Leatherworks

In their workshop the leatherworkers and their apprentices are pnching out personalised name tags with great enthusiasm.

14.   Henna Body Art

Try something new with Henna Body Art.

15.   Caleb’s Carpentry

Do some hammering at the Carpenter’s shop.

16.   The Potter
17.   Tie Dyeing

Get creative with Tie Dyeing.

18.   The Inn

Join the Innkeeper’s family for some housekeeping (children’s dress-ups). Say hello to the puppet.

19.   Prayer Wall

Write a prayer and place on the payer wall. Receive a Christmas Blessing from the pastors & clergy of the Churches of Townsville.

20.   The Stable

Wonder at the awe of The Nativity. Greet Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus.

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