Volunteer Corner

Recently we started our Church visits. We went to where the seed was first planted for what would become ‘Stable on the Strand’, Mount Louisa House of Praise. How wonderful to share special memories of what Stable has meant to us. We signed up some new volunteers and updated the rosters of others. If you would like a team to come to your Church, let us know!

It is fantastic to see the roster begin to fill. We need at least 1000 volunteers to fill the Strand Park with a vibrant bustling Bethlehem City. The Stable Volunteer Registration System is ‘live’. Here is your opportunity to browse the roles and positions and see what suits your skill set, then mark your availability. The first ones in, will get their first choice.

There are some important leadership roles that still need to be filled. We urgently need someone to head up the Festival and Stages Team, someone who loves the arts and has a heart for creating entertainment programs. The second area is Hospitality. This is a popular area. The role comes equipped with the wisdom and knowledge of those who have gone before! The coordinator needs to order supplies, collect cakes and lead the team at the event.

I encourage you all to join the amazing experience that is Stable. Think about it, check us out at stableonthestrand.com and sign up at vrs.stableonthestrand.com.au.

I look forward to seeing you at Stable!

Morag Roy, Volunteer Team Leader

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