Stable on the Strand | 18 - 22 December 2018 | 0411 756 273
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Volunteer Needs

As at 17 March 2018
Contact us at if these roles interest you.

Promote Stable on the Strand

1. Brochures, Envelopes & Bookmarks
Help us get the word out about Stable on the Strand by distributing our Brochures, Offering Envelopes & Prayer Bookmarks.
Let us know how many of each you would like and we’ll deliver them to you.

2. Tell others about Stable
It is really helpful to Stable on the Stand to have people at churches and out in the community who love to promote Stable and who can encourage and motivate others to also be involved. Spread the word!

3. Bring your friends to Stable
How fabulous to share an evening on The Strand with your friends and neighbours!
Take a night off from volunteering and invite them to join you for a wander through the Town of Bethlehem,
followed by dinner while enjoying entertainment on the Stable Village stage.

Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it!

Do you love making Desserts?

Then Stable on the Strand needs you!
To help raise funds for Stable we are running the Desserts Stall!

We need heaps of:
eg chocolate mousse and jelly cups
eg caramel, vanilla or a nice brownie
eg  a mud cake or velvet cake
something kids would go “yes, yes!!!” to

Contact us to talk through your ideas; discuss delivery, packaging, and safe hygiene; and to ask any questions.

Bottles of Soft Drink Donations

Do you wonder how you could help at Stable on the Strand? The dessert stall needs bottles of soft drink.
Bring them to the Volunteer Sign-up Days or down to Strand Park.

Town of Bethlehem – Families of Travellers

The Town Square presentation includes families of travellers arriving in Bethlehem and shepherds who will be singing songs from a Christmas musical written by Stephen Frewen-Lord.
If your family or children are interested in being a part of this exciting presentation call Robyn on 0427 746 693 for details.

Pre-Event Volunteer Roles

Going away during Stable on the Strand (18-22 December) but have time in October, November or early December to volunteer?
We could use your assistance!

Areas to consider:
– Participate in the Flash Mob
– Help build / repair sets
– Make cakes, buy cakes &/or cut cakes
– Organise Signage for Stable 2017
– Write short articles & news items

Team Leaders & 2ICs Needed

– Pastoral Care Team Leader
– Site Management 2IC
– Team of Site Managers
– Film Festival 2IC
– Storage & Transport 2IC

Site Caretakers

Help supervise the site and provide an on-site presence. Sign up with a friend or three and you can make a mates date of it!

Youth Area

Interested in helping out with Tie Dye, Henna, or the Scavenger Hunt?
No previous experience needed, just a willingness to connect with young people.