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  • Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training

Thank you for volunteering for Stable on the Strand. It is fabulous to have you on the team!

Volunteer Gatherings

All volunteers are required to attend at least one of the Volunteer Gatherings to receive important information & updates.
If you can, bring your phone or tablet to use for sign-up.

Wednesday 13 November
6:30 – 8 pm
at YWAM (Youth With A Mission), 215 Walker St Townsville
Enter via the Wills St entrance or the main front entrance at 215 Walker St.

Saturday 30 November
10 – 11:30 am
Willows Presbyterian Church, 26 Carthew St, Kirwan.

Saturday 14 December
8:30 – 10:00 am
Hospitality Tent, Strand Park.

Come and meet the team, find out the latest news, be inspired, learn a new skill, discover how you can be involved, and sign-up for Stable on the Strand 2019!

Volunteer Handbook

The Stable 2019 Volunteer Handbook sets out the general information you need to be aware of, including Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures for the Event. You are required to read and understand the Volunteer Handbook which is available for download after you have registered.

Volunteer Induction

All volunteers must complete the Stable 2019 Volunteer Induction, either online or in a workshop at one of the Volunteer Sign-up Days.

Top 7 Reminders for Volunteers

1. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early for your shift to allow time to check-in and prepare.

2. Do not bring valuables to the site. Stable on the Strand is not responsible for mislaid or stolen items. Ensure essential items (such as licences, money, mobile phone) are stored safely.

3. Park your vehicle some distance from the site to enable our guests to park nearby.

4. On arrival: sign-in at the Volunteers Office using your Barcode. If required, collect your costume. Check in with your Area Leader for a briefing, set-up requirements, safety awareness, and prayer as we go out and serve the community.

5. At the end of your shift: Help clean up your area and pack away any items. Return your costume. Check out with your Area Leader for any additional tasks or updates.

6. As you leave: Swipe your barcode at the Volunteers Office to confirm you have finished your shift and are leaving the site.

7. Remember to smile – it is your greatest asset!

Safety Awareness

Manual Materials Handling
Slips, Trips & Falls
Working Outdoors
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
Food Safety Fact Sheet
Fire Extinguishers