Volunteer Tuesday 11 Nov 2014


Each Tuesday we will highlight some of the volunteer roles available at Stable on the Strand 2014. You can sign up by clicking on the button.

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Participate as characters in the town of Bethlehem, including wise men, Roman soldiers, and town arts and crafts people.

BAKER: Bake bread in marketplace stall, using pizza oven and ingredients and equipment provided.

HEROD: Act as Herod and talk to passers-by, children and actors who come to visit.

SKILLED POTTER: Use potter’s wheel to make pottery in the marketplace.

Serve tea & coffee and Christmas cake in the Hospitality tent.

Assist with the smooth running of the site through overnight caretaking, first aid, care of the grounds, and waste & recycling.

First Aid Officer: Provide first aid assistance throughout the event including setup and pack down.

Cleaning & Waste Management: Assist with picking up rubbish and cleaning.

Plants & Greening Carer: Assist in the care, watering and maintenance of the plants and greening environment.

Whatever your heart, we’ve got a job for you!

Be part of this unique and amazing opportunity and bless the City Of Townsville.

If you need assistance signing up or would like more information: call 07 4774 4542 or email admin@nullstableonthestrand.com.au.

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