Easter is a traditional time for many people to go to Church. Rocking up on Friday or Sunday morning this year will mean you face closed doors. All Churches in Townsville are closed due to the Corona virus. What will the Easter Bunny do?

For the first time in nearly 30 years, there will be no Combined Church Sunrise service on Castle Hill. All Churches special Easter events have been cancelled.

If you are looking for a Church, community radio station 99.9 Live FM has a list of local Churches that are being live streamed or prerecorded on their website https://livefm.com.au Live FM will also be playing greetings and short messages from Townsville Church leaders over the weekend. Phil Rentsch, manager of Live FM says ‘, “In times like these, community is so important. We are so thankful to be able to help people gather online and over the airwaves to not only participate in Easter services, but also ongoing to offer people faith and hope to carry them through this time.”

Church goers in town have also been encouraged to decorate their letter boxes or homes and declare ‘Jesus is alive.’ Peoples creative designs will be displayed on Instagram and Facebook pages


Anne Harley from the Combined Churches network says ‘The virus has created a great opportunity for the Church to explore other ways of helping the community celebrate Easter this year. Because we can no longer meet, many Churches have very quickly had to learn new ways of communicating the message to those in their Church and the community – its’ been hard for some, but also very exciting’

Further information contact or interviews:

Pastor Stuart Hall (Combined Churches network) 0414 630 480

Phil Rentsch (Manager Live FM) 0419 419 739

Rev Anne Harley 0413 527 651